Better Photos for Tinder in Houston

Get dating photos for Tinder in Houston by a professional Tinder photographer


590 $, 90-minute photo session and 20 images + 10 free if you leave a review

✔️Portrait & full-body photos

✔️Natural Photos, as if a buddy took it

✔️Showing your hobby or doing smth. interesting

✔️Pictures that create emotion (i.e. a humorous picture or pictures with a dog)

✔️Different backgrounds

✔️Various outfits, as if taken on different days

✔️Having a drink, i.e. at a café or terrace

✔️Photos with a DSLR camera

✔️Guide on what to wear & bring

How It Works


1.Book a Session!

Contact us here via our contact form or make a booking directly.

2.Photo Shoot

Meet for your 90-minute photo session with a photographer who will guide you every step of the way.


3.Start Swiping

Receive your photos to add to your profile, and start swiping!

Why Choose Us for Your Dating Profile Photos?

We Get It. We've worked with plenty of folks who either don't have any decent photos of themselves, or want to take their profile to the next level, but also don't want photos that look too staged or fake. We'll help give you options to choose from so that you don't have an empty or boring profile.

We're Here To Help. Sitting for photos can feel awkward, we understand. We'll walk you through the process, and help you to find just the right setting and style to show off your best self. We promise you'll have a blast.

Feel Confident. Our goal is for you to feel great about your photo session, and about your dating profile. Because we're hyper-focused on authentic-feeling photos, we know you're going to love the final results.

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