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Tinder in Houston: How To Get More Matches with Better Photos on Tinder

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Dating Photos in Berlin and Hamburg

Not happy with your success on online dating apps in Houston? Your photo is the most important, so here are 4 tips to tweak your Tinder photos and get more matches:

1. Good quality Tinder photos

A good quality photo will reflect your value, so don’t underestimate this point and give in to low quality photos, this is the #1 faux-pax I see in dating profiles. A high quality photo will make you look more attractive. This can be achieved with one of the latest smartphones, if there is a lot of sunlight. But what you really need is a DSRL camera. I swing out my Canon 70D and lense Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM to get optimal results. For more tips for your photos, check out my article on Do’s & Don’ts.

2. Flattering positions that look attractive to get those right swiped

Studies have shown that the photos with the most success show only your head and upper body, especially as your main profile photo. Afterwards you can add different kind of styles. But getting this first one right is the most important. 

3. Location that reflects your personality on your professional Tinder photos

Choose an interesting or fun background, so that you look the same. For this one it is important to know what you are looking for. One of my clients was a software engineer in his 40s, who was looking for a long-term relationship. So we did our shooting at the port in front of some luxury boats, to attract the kind of woman he was looking for. Another client of mine was a law student who liked to chill, so we chose a more casual background and shot in the park.

4. Find a friend or professional Tinder photographer in Houston

A selfie can look good, but you will only get the optimal outcome if you have someone else take the photo, as it’s super important for the photo to look natural and not posed. Shoot me an email if you are in Houston and need new Tinder photos to get more matches:

Not in Houston? We also take photos in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, London, Dublin, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne,Madrid & Barcelona.

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