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Tinder in Los Angeles: These are the Best Locations for Dating Profile Pictures in L.A.

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Choosing a location for your Tinder profile pictures can be difficult. Sometimes taking them at home in your messy room, or your living room with horrible lighting just doesn’t work. You want a place where you can have a variety of backgrounds and amazing lighting so your Tinder pics can be eye-catching.

Los Angeles actually has some great locations to take some creative photos helping you look more interesting, and attractive for your Tinder, Bumble, or any dating profile.

Here are some great spots:

1. Venice Beach

Great variety of backgrounds at Venice beach, with a lot of opportunity to get creative with your pictures. Either photos of you riding a skateboard, pictures inside the water or just some palm trees in the background of a portrait can all really make unique pictures.

2. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Talk about great lighting! Pictures at the “Urban Light” can really make you look good any time of the day. The museum also has other background options, no wonder it is the most photographed museum in the United States.

3. Downtown L.A

Downtown L.A has a variety of options to take different styles of pictures, for example, on top of rooftops, in the streets, and anywhere the sun is shining through. The parking garage on the corner of 9th and Broadway has an easy entry rooftop to take your profile pics, it has a great view of the downtown skyline and the famous “Jesus Saves” sign.

4. El Matador Beach

Head up to El Matador beach at golden hour so your skin can look great in your photos and have some interesting rock formations for the background of your Tinder pictures. It is only a few miles north of Malibu. People usually enjoy taking pictures there at the cool arrowhead-shaped arch right by the water.

5. Arts District

The Arts District is filled with different street arts and murals for your photos to look more creative. Once you’re there, you can visit Angel City Brewery, a really cool looking spot where they also have some one the best beers in town. The angel melting heart in the picture is located at the corner of the building on Alameda St. and Traction Ave.

6. Echo Park and Hancock Park

Parks always provide a lot of options for taking pictures in between trees, or just sitting at the grass. These two parks are very special because they both provide important L.A sceneries. Echo park, in the north side, is the best for capturing that iconic L.A. skyline. While Hancock Park, captures the Hollywood sign in between the trees. It is all about the right angle.

7. Santa Monica Pier

The pier is a playground for profile pictures, that is the reason it is so popular in L.A for photographers. You can have a lot of options especially if you go just before the sunset where the sun creates the most gorgeous light on top and underneath the pier.

These locations can really up your game for your Tinder pics, but also having a great photographer can make a lot of difference. You can book a photographer at, where they specialize in dating profile photos.

Not in L.A.? We also take photos in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, London, Dublin, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne,Madrid & Barcelona.

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