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Tinder in Sydney: 5 Steps to Succeed on Dating Apps

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Dating Photos for Tinder in Sydney
Photo by Jordy Chapman

Online dating is an open-world for everyone. You just have to set up an account, and pick your dream partner. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Just a normal dating profile won’t get you very far, but the way you show yourself is what determines your success.

Sydney is one of Australia's largest cities. But why can many guys not find their partner on dating apps in this city?

So, now please respond to these questions: “Did you make a strategy for online dating or are you just using it without thought?” and “What do you think makes an attractive dating profile?” Let us reveal for you 5 indispensable steps to succeed with your dating profile.

1.Clarify your purpose for Dating Apps

There are many dating programs like Tinder, OkCupid, eDarling or Badoo. You can of course use them for any purpose, but each platform works out better for a specific aim.

For casual hook ups, you can go ahead with Tinder, OkCupid or Happn. In contrast you should come across with several professional programs like eDarling or Parship if you are looking for a serious partner.

2.Set up your preferences on Tinder, Bumble & co.

After specifying your purpose for online dating, download the apps and start your journey. Firstly, you need to determine what you are looking for regarding location, age, or interest.

Unfortunately not all of programs provide searching preferences for free. On Tinder you can only adjust age and gender with the free version. On OkCupid you have one more function free of charge, which is location.

For a big city with over 5 million people, dating in Sydney is not impossible if you only use the free functions on apps. But if you are looking for people with similar interests, let’s go on with the next steps.

3.Highlight your qualities in your Tinder bio

Don’t waste time pretending to be someone who you are not. Just be yourself, and show them who you are. Everybody has their own taste, some people like serious guys, others go with humorous minds. What is your speciality? Ask yourself this question and light it up.

4.Sell your compelling story

Biography is an indispensable part of your profile, but have you designed it well yet? Actually many guys have no idea for their bio and they just write it down quickly. For example: “I am Luca, 28. I am a funny guy”. Yawn.

Biography is an ideal space for showing who you are and connecting with people who are truly good matches to you. You have 500 characters for bio on Tinder, don’t waste it.

As promised in step 2, now we will show you how to get attention from people who have the same interests as you. You can basically write about your hobbies like: “I love traveling, reading and hiking”. It’s sufficient, but not interesting.

Why don’t you try with a list of favourites? 

My Favourite…

Book: “40 Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak

Destination: Neuschwanstein Castle, Bayern, Germany

Drink: Beer

Fest: Oktoberfest

Or Fun Facts about yourself

“I am an attractive guy” – No, don’t listen to me, this is the truth from my friends.

Alex can spend hours to read.

I cannot stop laughing when I talk with Alex.

He is a responsible leader of our team.

Here’s a no fuss profile hack to try out for your own one: Let’s think of something special for your story. If you have a thirst for ideas, we will provide you some cool samples in the next blogs.

5.Show your exceptional dating photos

Last but most importantly, it’s about your photos. Living in a big city, do you think that you have many dating chances in Sydney? Actually we need to face up to a reality: the more people the more challenging. The people, who make the best impression, will stand on top.

Tinder allows you to display up to six pictures. Do you have six perfect photos of yourself?

If you cannot make your profile stand out, getting dates will be a hard. First impressions are always very crucial, because in fact no one opens your biography if they’re not attracted by your photos. And that is reason why you should not underestimate the power of your pics. Don’t upload a photo that is blurry or boring.

And if you want to upgrade your online dating profile and get better photos, we are here for you in Sydney & Perth:

Guest article by Leo

Not in Sydney? We also take photos in Perth, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, London, Dublin, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne,Madrid & Barcelona.

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